taipei Visiting School in Taipei



Programme Dates : 28July – 5 August 2014

Generative-Glass is an experimental research program designed to investigate the evolving role of glass as a physical material in design and art, and it’s potential relationship with new computational/interactive media processes.

Glass, unlike most materials used in contemporary architectural design, has remained relatively ‘inaccessible’ and ‘unmanageable’ due to various factors directly associated with its material behavior, making processes, assembly logics and cost of customization.

The ambition of this annual programme is to successively produce a body of work, in collaboration with both contemporary glass manufacturers and artisans, demonstrating ways in which the implementation of glass as a highly aesthetical and self-structural material could be approached afresh via generative processes.

For this 2nd iteration of the programme, we would incorporate both industrial robotics and machineries during the glass-making processes to produce a series of physical glass prototypes. Led by a team of international architects/computational designers/glass-artists/robotics specialists, students would experiment with both traditional glass-blowing/casting techniques and new digital fabrication processes to propose and implement alternative modes of glassmaking.

Hands-on artistic glass-blowing and scientific lampworking sessions would be led by tutors from Royal College of Art (RCA, London). These analogue processes would then be counterpointed with advanced computational design techniques sessions led by tutors from the AA School and robotic arms control led by tutors from the Bartlett (UCL). Students would also participate in the various complementing events, including Taipei’s glass factory/art studio visits, symposium and lecture series by leading artists, designers, academics and professionals. The programme will be hosted at Taipei’s Tittot Glass Art Museum and Tamkang University.

The programme is open to art, architecture, design students and professionals worldwide. Other applicants who are interested in robotics and glass making/design in general are also welcomed.

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